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"Talbot's style is current, fresh and always smart. I love the design work she has done for my house" - Lori

"Talbot was the perfect choice to decorate our new home. She took my vision and made it a reality. From start to finish, there was never a dull moment. Talbots' work ethic was impeccable throughout the project, and she put 110% into everything she did. TC Interiors had the resources needed to make my home come to life. Talbot was able to provide guidance when my creativity faltered, suggesting eclectic ideas that have become some of my favorite aspects of my home. She made sure that every idea for my home was original- steering us away from the cookie cutter ideas that have become so common. Thanks to Talbot, designing my home was an amazing experience, and I wouldn't have had it any other way!" -Kelly G.

"Perfection. It is all about perfection and that is what I got working with Talbot. The end result was beautiful but the surprising part was how much fun I had through out the project. Talbot is easy to work with and to hang out with - I not only ended up with a beautiful home but with a fun friend." - Connally

“I worked with Talbot on a complete remodel of my home in 2007. She was a pleasure to work with bringing unique ideas and innovation to the job. Talbot worked efficiently with our contractor to help create a wonderful home that has brought much joy to my family throughout the years. She is an amazing designer and now one of my dear friends.” -Kelly B.

2013 Talbot Cooley Interiors